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Exterior of the Fine Cheese Co.


LB Loves…Belgravia

Explore our recommended locations to visit in and around Belgravia.
Kynance Mews Arch


Discover the Charming Beauty and Rich History of Kynance Mews in London’s South Kensington

Discover the picturesque Kynance Mews, an attractive street in London's South Kensington area known for its stunning green surroundings and rustic charm.


LB Loves… Notting Hill

It’s fun, it’s full of energy, and its perfect for festive treats, catching up, celebrating Christmas and chilling as you shop for that special present. What’s not to like about Notting Hill? It’s our ‘go-to’ place, so here are some of the season’s favourites for your ‘to-do’ list this year.


Ten Mews to Explore this Month

London is a city known for its rich history, culture, and architecture. One of the most iconic features of the city are its mews, which are small streets or alleys that were originally used to house horses and carriages.


One-to-one with Fred Turner

London mews are home to some of the city’s oldest & most hospitable pubs


LB Loves… Pubs in Mews

The pub – a great British institution and an important part of London life. Here are some of our own favourites, where you can eat drink and enjoy the best of British food and beer served with a very warm welcome.


LB Loves…W8

Our top 7 places to visit in and around the mews of W8.
St Luke's Mews


LB Loves…Mews

Let us take you on a personal tour of top 9 favourite mews, past and present.
Belgravia Mews


5 beautiful Belgravia mews streets to call home

If you’ve missed the latest additions to our mews video gallery, here are our top 5 most beautiful mews in Belgravia and their lovely video tours. If you have any question about property in the area, don’t hesitate to contact our Belgravia mews specialists today.
Eaton Mews North SW1 Belgravia


Belgravia – London’s byword for beauty, elegance and style

Magnificent white stucco terraces, green leafy squares, exclusive restaurants and quaint, independent shops with facades unchanged since the 19th century. No wonder Belgravia has attracted the rich, royal and famous for almost 200 years.
Chelsea London Mews House


Want to lead a charmed life? Choose a Chelsea mews

Whether you’re looking to buy or simply researching a mews house for rent, Chelsea is a great lifestyle choice. It was the cradle of cutting-edge fashion in the Sixties.
Notting Hill Mews Houses


6 Notting Hill mews streets that are inspirational

Walking around the glorious mews streets of Notting Hill, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled onto a movie set. These beautiful streets, so full of period character and charm, have provided the backdrop for famous films such as Performance (1970) and more recently Richard Curtis’ famous romcoms, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Notting Hill’ .


Explore 5 outstanding South Ken mews streets with Lurot Brand

Looking for a South Kensington mews for sale or rent? This Autumn we help you discover five outstanding mews streets, all just minutes from the area’s museums, restaurants and oh-so exclusive shops.
top mews houses for sale


Get fired up by our 5 hottest mews houses

  Here at Lurot Brand, the mood is mellow. Our staff sip hot chocolate while watching the first leaves fall. If you’re looking for a cosy mews home, our handpicked selection of mews properties for sale is sure to leave you fired with enthusiasm.


Street food festivals set to tantalise Kensington & Paddington

Kensington – a part of London known for its upscale restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Kitchen W8 – is set for a different kind of gastronomic experience this summer
Take a stroll down this quiet cobbled street lined with period mews properties in picturesque cul-de-sac off Bathurst Street. Hyde Park gardens and elegant boutiques, bars and restaurants are a short walk away


Walking tour of London’s picturesque mews streets

If you’ve over-indulged on chocolate and hot cross buns this Easter, walking is a great way to reclaim your waistline. The Chief Medical Officer recommends that adults take 150 minutes of “moderate intensity, aerobic, physical activity” each week.


Portobello Road: Notiting Hill’s creative enclave celebrated by fashion Bible Vogue

You know when an area is explored by Vogue that it’s a place of note


Get a house with a horse next door

Bathurst Mews is one of the most unusual streets in central London


Why macarons and mews are perfect partners

We’ve mentioned London walking tours before in these posts, but perhaps the most unusual (and mews-friendly) tour we have discovered so far is the “Mews and Macarons” tour offered by London Unravelled
This open plan London mews comes with its own garage and private garden


London mews street where you can wave Hello to Adele

There aren’t many places in London where you can expect to get a cheery wave from an ‘A’ list celebrity as you open your front door, but if you live in a London mews street, that might well happen.


“Mews-it” on a guided tour with a difference

London is buzzing with organised walks

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