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Elnathan Mews, W9 2JE Situated in the elegant neighbourhood of Maida Vale, Elnathan Mews is our Sales Property of the Month for June. This charming and spacious mews house in W9 is a rare gem, combining modern design with timeless elegance and the mews street even won our Mews in Bloom competition in 2006. This […]



Frederick Close, W2 Nestled in the heart of one of W2’s most desirable mews streets, Frederick Close offers a rare blend of historic charm and modern elegance. Originally known as Frederick Mews until its renaming in 1934, this picturesque location owes its name to the wealthy Frederick family, who acquired the manor in Paddington in […]


Back to the Future & Moving Forward

It has, in many ways, been a winter of disgruntlement. But just as there are early signs of Spring emerging from the dark days, there is a feeling in the prime property market that it really isn’t as bad as all that. “It’s a tricky market,” comments Billy Harvey, head of sales at Lurot Brand, “but it’s more positive than the headlines suggest. The economy is improving, interest rates are falling. We’re seeing many clients who are saying ‘let’s get on with it’.”


Is Now a Good Time to Invest?

We’ve become used to instability in recent years – and the current political and economic crises are the latest to make buyers and vendors take stock. Zoe Dare Hall looks at how the prime London market is poised as the year nears its end…


Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes

First coined in the Latin epic poem, the Aeneid, the phrase ‘timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ means beware Greeks bearing gifts and relates to how the wooden horse was used to attack the Trojans.


All Change

With a new PM, a new King and a currency in freefall, it’s time again for seismic change. But in London’s property market, such uncertainty is good news for some.
Kynance Mews


Doing The Maths

A summer of rising inflation, fuel and energy prices soaring and the cost of living crisis, has turned us into a nation of number-crunchers. So what does it all mean for London’s prime property market?


The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

There have been many entrepreneurs who have built their empires from their mews. Read the one-to-one interview with Antoine Lurot, Founder & Chairman - Lurot Brand.


Independent’s Day

The return to the city is fuelling high demand for houses in London. But vendors need to be careful which agent they choose…


No Winter of Discontent for the Domestic Buyer

Regular contributor to the Sunday Times and FT, Zoe Dare Hall provides an update on London's prime property market.


Why Mews are the Happy Medium

Why the Mews are the happy medium for post-pandemic London by Zoe Dare Hall. When, exactly 50 years ago, Lurot Brand began selling mews houses in central London, they were far from in vogue.


Why ‘safe as houses’ resonates after lockdown

In this month’s feature-packed edition of Mews News, Telegraph property writer Zoe Dare Hall examines the current prospects for homebuyers, sellers and landlords. The article, which features an interview with Lurot Brand’s Head of Sales Marlon Lloyd Malcolm, explores issues affecting the post-lockdown property market and asks “are we out of the woods?”


Is prime London property in recovery?

“Some prime London agents are shouting ‘recovery’ from the rafters lately, and there have been some groundbreaking sales to back them up.” So says Zoe Dare Hall of The Telegraph, writing in the spring edition of Mews News.


The importance of pricing right

When a property sits on the market and fails to sell, where does the fault rest? Is it with the agent for failing to fulfill their obligation to make the sale? Or, does the blame rest with the seller or even with the potential buyers?


Property pain? Don’t blame Brexit

Brexit and the Stamp Duty surcharge arrived within a month of each other in 2016. It is indisputable that the 12%- 15% Stamp Duty bracket has driven the volume of sales down to 75% lower than during the Financial Crises. Politicians and other pundits may blame Brexit for property market falls, but significantly no-one has […]


The 2018 heatwave: too hot for the London property market?

Whether you enjoyed the hot weather or sweltered unhappily in London’s 35 degree plus temperatures, there’s no denying that London property sales suffered something of a meltdown in the recent heatwave.


5 compelling reasons to choose a (Lurot Brand) mews

In the ever-changing world of London property there’s one type of dwelling that has consistently met or exceeded people’s expectations: the mews house.


5 must-have mews in heavenly Holland Park

  It’s no wonder that Holland Park attracts the world’s movers and shakers, including a number of high-profile celebrities. This area may boast many hip boutiques and restaurants but the real jewel in Holland Park’s crown is the lush green park at its heart: home to an open-air opera house and theatre.


From everyday mews sale to national talking point

When the owners of a property in Cranley Mews – a street featured in the hit BBC TV series McMafia – wanted to move on, they naturally asked Lurot Brand to handle the sale. Their confidence in us as mews specialists was amply rewarded when our marketing department achieved the syndication of their story to […]
London property market forecast 2018


London property market forecast 2018? Our experts advise

As the go-to experts for London’s exclusive mews marketplace, Lurot Brand’s General Manager James Robinson and Head of Lettings Lyndsey Schiffer are uniquely qualified to reflect on last year’s property highs and lows and let us know what to expect in 2018. Read on for their perception of the London property market.


Mews outperform the houses they were built to serve

We have suspected for some time that we have been selling some mews houses for considerably higher prices per square foot than the surrounding properties so we did some research and what we found amazed us.

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