Selling My Mews

Lurot Brand’s unique blend of in-depth knowledge and city-wide coverage gives us the ability to put sellers and buyers in touch quickly

Lurot Brand are specialists. For over 50 years we have focussed solely on mews homes.
Why mews? Because each is unique. Each has a history. Each has a story to tell. We are passionate about helping to find new custodians of these individual residences.

Our founders, Antoine and Kati Lurot, first indulged their love of mews by mapping all the Central London mews streets in the 1970s.  Still active in the business, Kati has nurtured this knowledge and love of mews homes to every member of the handpicked staff.

Lurot Brand’s sales valuation of mews is based on a true appreciation of the market, not just for London, but for each individual mews. Our detailed understanding of every element of a mews property – whether it’s the impact of a roof terrace, a third bedroom or even a working space – means that we provide vendors with an accurate and realistic value for their mews.

Our reputation as experts also means that we have extremely strong list of serious, potential mews buyers. A mews home is not for all audiences – in the same way as a new build apartment isn’t for everyone – so we don’t judge our success by the numbers on our database, instead focus on truly interested and qualified viewers who understand the beauty of a mews.

This specialist approach means that typically we sell quickly, often with competing bids and at or above the asking price.

Owners of tremendous art, jewellery, cars or wine use experts to help them get the right the buyer at the right price. Your mews home should be no exception.

Accurate, evidenced, free valuations with no obligation from the specialists in mews.


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