Why creatives can’t get enough of mews living

“Enclosed within quiet courtyards along cobbled streets, mews homes offer a laidback, offbeat lifestyle particularly appealing to creatives. The more unique the better. Read on for a glimpse of why creatives are fascinated by mews.”

Mews houses are distinctive. If you stroll down any of the picturesque mews lanes in prime Central London you will be hard pressed to find two that look alike. Take for instance Adam and Eve mews. This attractive Kensington mews has stand pipes with the inscription Thomas Crapper (founder of the water closet); a feature no other mews has.

A lot of period mews retain characteristics including ancient stable doors, derricks used to haul hay and their original roofline. It is these elements of individuality which draws the attention of creatives, keen to live in a home that stands out from those surrounding it and infact from the majority of other real estate.

The architectural style of London mews is also eye-catching. Built during the 18th and 19th century, these classic properties have retained their elegant Victorian or Georgian facades. Their main doors fit snugly into wooden doorframes and the rows of potted plants and hanging ferns blend well with the centuries-old brick, charred larch or stylishly painted exteriors.

The interiors of these charming dwellings are modestly sized and exude an old-world air. You get the feeling that if these walls could speak, they’d have many fireside tales to relate. The modest size of the properties attracts established artists who enjoy a discrete, low-maintenance home in which they can work or retreat.

A design quirk of mews properties are their windowless backs. This, however, is no deterrent to creatives who take pleasure doing up this section of their newly purchased home. Over the decades marketing mews, we’ve seen some spectacularly refurbished examples, including one with a waterfall at the back, an inspiring backdrop to composing sheet music or painting!

While networking is a term some creatives may shy away from, they do look forward to mingling with like minded folk. Living in a mews gives them plenty of opportunity, as the proximity of these two-storey houses to each other encourages neighbourliness.

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