What we are seeing in the mews streets

Mews homes in London, often referred to as hidden gems, are tucked away in virtually traffic-free cul-de-sacs and picturesque lanes. They are normally freehold houses for flat money located in the best part of London. For these reasons Lurot Brand has been specialising in the sale and letting of these wonderful properties through ‘bear’ and ‘bull’ markets for over 40 years.

Whether Brexit will produce either one of these is uncertain and what impact it will have on overseas buyers purchasing UK property is a question we are frequently asked. We feel confident that London’s position as one of the world’s greatest cities and its standing as a global investment hub has and will remain unchanged.

There are currently no noticeable effects, and until Britain formally exits the EU (a process which will take two years), there are unlikely to be any. We are still achieving street records for our clients but, unlike our competitors, we don’t necessarily do this by asking the highest prices.

On a level market, as it is today, you are most likely to get the highest price when the house is fresh to the market. Employing the wrong agent and the wrong strategy can miss this potential spike and be catastrophic to the overall marketing of your house and the price you finally achieve.

Getting it right

If you are placing your mews property on the market, ensure the price is right. Since 2014 achieved prices have remained stable. However, when you read in the papers that house prices are falling, they’re actually referring to the asking prices. Indeed, they are, but this is mainly due to overpricing in the first place.

If you want to sell your house in the current climate, it is important that your property comes to the market within 10% of its true market value, asking any more is simply a decision not to sell. But what is its true market value? With over 40 years of selling mews properties, no one is better placed to advise you on the the right marketing strategy to achieve the best price for you. Unlike our competitors our valuations are fully evidenced and given by a mews specialist.

If you are thinking of exploring your home’s potential before marketing please call us; we will gladly advise on every aspect of the property to determine its redevelopment potential. We can guide you with suggested alterations and minor fixes which will be more effective at adding value and saleability to avoid wasting money on items that will make little difference at all. As mews specialists we know what does and doesn’t help a sale.

ITV Programme

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Image Source: tastetravel.wordpress.com