What makes selling a mews house special?

If you own a mews house, you’ll already know what makes it special. Venture through an archway here or down a cobbled lane there and you will find, amidst the rush of the Capital, the peaceful prettiness that is the iconic London mews.

Mews houses date back to the 17th Century and are distinguishable by their Georgian and Victorian facades and the village-like calm of the quiet streets surrounding them. Some come festooned with foliage, some still bear a resemblance to the stables and servant quarters they were originally designed to be and some have been cleverly modernised. There is no doubt that they can make a unique and convenient home for anyone seeking an attractive London Pied-a-terre away from the hustle and bustle, without the responsibilities of a garden to maintain.

Of course the very features that attract some buyers are not for everyone. At Lurot Brand, we are mews specialists whose 40 plus years experience of selling mews houses has built a clear picture of the mews buyer. Busy city professionals, downsizers and those looking for a compact London property in addition to their country home all tend to be in the market for a mews. Interestingly, families seem to rent rather than buy.

The excellent news is that Lurot Brand has a vast number of potential mews buyers on its books along with tried and tested strategies for a successful mews sale. We can give you simple tips for making your mews sale ready, such as adding hanging baskets at the front door, giving the exterior a daub of paint.  We can also advise you on key alterations like well placed skylights to add light and increase sale value, overcoming issues such as the low ceilings and lack of rear windows that come hand in hand with the quirky charm of a mews house.

Alternatively, we can market your home as it is, making use of the portfolio of adapted properties we have sold to show potential buyers real-life solutions. For example, one recent mews buyer loved the house but was reluctant to proceed as the awkwardly angled garage couldn’t house his magnificent car. We were able to show him another mews where the owner had installed a sliding doorway into the garage wall that automatically opened with the garage door, enabling the driver’s door to open into the hallway. Without this he would never have completed the purchase. It’s one of the enjoyable challenges that makes the mews such a special property to sell.

If you instruct Lurot Brand to sell your mews house, we will target all suitable potential mews buyers on our database, from landlords to local residents to out-of-towners looking to move in. We approach them by email, post and follow up call, generating a number of viewings. At this point we launch a second offensive, posting your property online and throughout the relevant press. Contact us for a property valuation and we will swiftly find a buyer who will love and care for this unique property with the same dedication you did.