Downsizing with a lot of upsides

If your children have flown the nest for uni, a sunny gap year or to move in with friends, you may be wondering if you really need a large family home. There are many advantages to downsizing. If you love saving money, energy, resources and enjoy saving time on maintenance – these are just a few benefits.

With their compact layout, the upkeep costs of mews homes are relatively low and time spent on daily chores is minimal. Energy bills are also reduced so you’ll have more money to splurge on luxuries, leisure and entertaining.

Downsizing to a mews home is also worth considering if you’re a frequent traveller. You can leave your residence in the safe hands of your building’s homeowners association, although chances are a friendly neighbour is likely to offer to water your prized plants and save your post until you return.

If you’re intending to start a new chapter in your life, exchanging your large family home for a cosy mews property goes a long way. If you’re newly single or an ‘empty nester’, mews living can provide a subtle support network and a sense of community. Unlike apartments blocks, each mews home has its own front door. You can close the door and be assured of peace and quiet or sit outside, in your ‘potted’ garden and enjoy a chat with your neighbour.

Downsizing also provides the perfect opportunity to ‘declutter’ and to consider the possessions you want or need to take with you. A small home doesn’t have to imply a cramped lifestyle; with careful planning, multi-purpose furniture, and clever use of light, you’ll end up with a charming residence with a spacious, bright, cheery atmosphere.

If you’re considering a move to something smaller with the benefits of living in Prime Central London, we would be happy to help you find the perfect property. As mews specialists, we have a vast portfolio of properties for sale in some of the capital’s prettiest lanes and golden postcodes. If you’d like to arrange a viewing to any of these stunning ‘old-world’ houses, let us know.