Do drones have a future in estate agency?

Are drones set to play a bigger role in the property industry? Unmanned aerial vehicles, as they are formally known, are already being used to capture aerial images and videos of sprawling estates and farmland to give a sense of scale, and now property specialists have found a new use for the technology

Drones are being used by Colchester Council to speed up and simplify building inspections, negating the need to erect scaffolding and manually carry out visual detection.The drones capture high resolution photographs and 4K video footage to be reviewed safely on terra firm. The news broke in the same week that a record was set for the longest-distance drone delivery – with the vehicle flying more than 97 miles.It got us thinking here at Lurot Brand – a London estate agency specialising in the sale and rent of mews properties – will it ever be possible to fly a drone from our office desks to conduct a real-time, live property viewing both inside and out of a property? It’s an idea that may excite international buyers, who could tour a plot in London without leaving their home country.More realistically, however, we expect residential surveyors to use drones in the future to carry out roof and external wall inspections.

“We realised instead of putting scaffolding up outside these buildings to take a look at it, it is much easier to put a drone up there to do the inspection.”

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