Breath of fresh air? Could agents’ listings contain pollution details?

Estate agents may be asked to provide information on the air quality around each home they sell, suggests one of the most influential trade bodies in the property sector

The National Association of Estate Agents Propertymark (NAEA) feels that any information that helps buyers make a more informed decision when purchasing should be included in the future.In recent years, we have seen the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) become a mandatory requirement for every property sold, allowing buyers to count or discount a home based on its energy efficiency. It’s also possible to search broadband speeds for specific properties – giving more power to purchasers who rely on internet access.The suggested air pollution data could be conveyed in a traffic light system – similar to that adopted by supermarkets that shows shoppers levels of fat, sugar and salt on a sliding scale from green though amber to red.While the primary aim would be to inform buyers and perhaps challenge where they buy their next property, a more underlying goal is to alter the country’s overall attitude to air quality and prompt Government to take a harder stance on pollution levels.We do not, however, see any such move affecting peoples’ choice to live in a city such as London but it will be interesting to see if publicised pollution levels influence house prices in the worst and best air quality areas.

It is thought that the air quality information could be included in agents’ listings as a ‘traffic light-style’ pollution warning.

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