Best of British – Mews property investment advice


It is an accepted fact amongst experienced letting agents that, regardless of the market, the best presented and competitively priced properties will be the ones that let fastest.

Letting Mews Homes Investment

There will always be a percentage of tenants who feel they are overpaying and are on the hunt for something shinier for their money. Few can resist the potent scent of fresh paint and stylish new ideas! The perceived luxury of ‘new’ appeals to many, most of the time. Plus an immaculate property will attract a better covenant or tenant than a dated, dirty one.


If ever there was a time to enhance every last square inch of floor space and set the scene for lifestyle orientated tenants, now is it. Oversupply has allowed tenants to be far choosier, leaving down at heel alternatives languishing empty on the market for months.

At Lurot Brand, we offer a service where we monitor rental yields against capital values to ensure our landlords are maximising their investments. If your property needs anything from a simple refresh to full refurbishment, our in house team will efficiently design and project manage the works from concept to completion. We visit client’s properties and produce a free report detailing our suggestions offering money saving ideas along with full project management ensuring that every penny spent is spent efficiently.

All our departments work together in harmony to deliver the most comprehensive investment management service for mews properties.

1. Appraisal of your portfolio’s sale and rental value.

2. Keeping you informed of all property movements in and around your property.

3. Evidenced advice on when to rent, sell, or when to improve your property.

4. Evidenced advice on the correct works to improve rental yield and/or sales value.

5. Realistic planning advice on what is potentially possible and what is not.

6. Cost-effective property rationalising refurbishments carried out to a timescale that limits void periods during seasonally low rent months.

We have just launched our latest Lurot Brand refurbishment of a delightful three storey house in Princes Mews which, with 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, is available now for £750 per week.

Contact Lurot Brand today to value your portfolio of mews homes and enquire into our investment management service.