Mews Homes – the popular residential choice of celebrities

Set back from cobbled streets, London’s mews properties were originally stables and staff quarters

Over the years they have been refurbished several times and today, make cosy or chic living spaces in the heart of prime London locations.If you’re looking for an easy to maintain, truly unique living space, then we strongly recommend considering a mews home. Don’t let their humble beginnings deter you. Many period mews in W2 and nearby areas were once owned by celebrities like Sir Michael Caine, Guy Ritchie and Madonna who adored their quaint, centrally located hideouts.While these picturesque mews houses are found in traffic-free pockets of London, they are often located close to a variety of transport links making for an easy commute to work, shops and green spaces. If you are interested in buying or leasing a mews propertyin Albion Close, the 1960’s residence of Caine,let us know. We’d be happy to arrange a viewing here or to our special collection of mews for sale in Central London. .

They are relatively small, and their roads, often cobbled and traffic-free, are peaceful. Don’t, however, let their humble beginnings fool you. Celebrities, from Michael Caine to Guy Ritchie, have lived in a mews.

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