London Mews: Trendy, upmarket property in quiet streets with smart postcodes

Once the staff quarters and stables owned by wealthy aristocrats, mews properties are now seen as trendy living spaces

If a unique home in the heart of London appeals and you have a few million to spare, consider investing in a mews.Yes, we did say “a few million”, as mews homes are no longer viewed as cramped servants dwellings on scruffy lanes but rather, as upmarket real estate which individuals from around the world are clamouring to own.Away from the cacophony of busy London streets, you’ll often find the entrance to a mews under a narrow arch bedecked with foliage, as if entering something otherworldly. Most mews homes have been tastefully restored and decorated with designer paints. Without the need for planning permission, owners can enjoy the freedom to truly express themselves; some retain the cosy, cottage feel, while others strike a more minimal pose.If you purchase a mews, especially one steeped in history like 17 Wimpole Mews (a Marylebone mews at the centre of the Profumo Scandal), you’ll have no trouble recouping your investment if you decide to let or sell is easy.Our mews directoryhas plenty of luxury mews houses so do browse through to find your ideal new home. Alternately, pop in to our nearest officefor a chat.

Since the early twentieth century, with horses gone, many mews buildings have transitioned from good housing bargains in upscale areas to upmarket real estate themselves

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