Live in a mews if you want tranquility in the heart of London

One rarely associates the word “tranquil” with the dynamic business and tourist hub of London

Tranquillity does exist, however, in the heart of our sprawling metropolis; on quiet streets lined with period mews homes.Take Warren Street, for example. Geographically speaking it’s a stone’s throw from bustling Euston Street but in reality a world away, in terms of the enveloping silence and its quaint mews properties.Apart from the occasional muted clip clop of well shod residents passing by, these stylish homes make for a tranquil retreat, often just off the main drag of a busy thoroughfare. Once inside, their thick walls offer the added advantage of being noise-free. While solidly built, these mews homes ooze elegance and charm; sturdy front doors fit snugly into wooden frames, surrounded by exquisite brickwork, cleverly potted gardens and wrought iron features – a nod to its functional past.So, if a serene home minutes away from schools, offices and iconic attractions appeals, seriously consider leasing or buying a mews property and for any help, just let us know.

The capital’s quaint mews streets offer relief from our city’s urban edge. It’s the attention to detail that makes each house so attractive: the stairways, the doors set perfectly into the facades

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