Get a house with a horse next door

Bathurst Mews is one of the most unusual streets in central London

Buy or rent a house here and you could wake up to the nostalgic clip-clop of horses’ hooves, or the ring of a farrier’s anvil. As this article by Lurot Brand’s James Robinson explains, out of approximately 8,000 mews streets that still remain in London, there are only two that continue to stable horses. One is Bathurst Mews and the other is the Royal Mews.Bathurst is a long mews street with over 63 properties, five of which are still providing homes for horses. Over the years, Lurot Brand has helped to place a number of human residents in the remaining 58 houses, and we continue sell or let homes in this popular street on a regular basis. So if you’re a country-dweller at heart, there’s no better place to hang up your saddle than in one of Bathurst’s delightful mews houses. Unfortunately the other mews mentioned here is completely out of bounds. Unless, that is, you fancy a job mucking out the royal stables.Interested in Bathurst Mews? Call us today to discover if there’s anything available in the neigh-bourhood (sorry, couldn’t resist that).

Of the estimated 8000 or so mews houses left in central London there are just two mews streets which still stable horses; in The Royal Mews and Bathurst Mews W2.

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