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When House Beautiful asked Lurot Brand for property advice

Lurot Brand’s expertise in mews properties is legendary, but it’s not just our clients who approach us for help. As the only independent mews specialist in London, Lurot Brand is in a unique position to offer property advice when it comes to mews houses.
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Get fired up by our 5 hottest mews houses

  Here at Lurot Brand, the mood is mellow. Our staff sip hot chocolate while watching the first leaves fall. If you’re looking for a cosy mews home, our handpicked selection of mews properties for sale is sure to leave you fired with enthusiasm.
Lurot Brand takes a dig at the recently imposed property taxes concerning landlords and buyers of London mews houses and other properties.


London property market pinata

At Lurot Brand we often find ourselves laughing out loud when a clever political cartoon gets passed around the office. The portraits may be unflattering, and the situations are invariably ridiculous, but these brilliant satirists nevertheless manage to use their comic skills to make a serious point about UK politics.
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Why hire a local estate agent to buy or sell your mews?

The American president and lawyer Abraham Lincoln once stated that ‘a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.’ 
Freehold one-bedroom Pindock mews house with lead-light windows, exposed brick exterior and narrow wooden doors is a bargain if you’re looking for an authentic period Central London mews to refurbish to your own specification.


Sale: ‘Beautifully dilapidated’ Pindock mews home

The delicate, diamond-paned windows are dirty, there is peeling paintwork everywhere and the faded whitewash on the brickwork gives it a ghostly pallor.
Stripped brick walls, carriage house doors, cobbles, narrow doorways and potted greenery are characteristic features of authentic mews houses, built in Central London as working, functional units.


How traditional is your London mews house?

Here’s something to muse over: how do you identify a traditional mews house when so many properties these days might be described as a “mews”?


Different Chancellor Same Anchor

There was a time when owning a prime Central London property was the best tax free investment you could make. Not only could you live in it, it was an overdraft facility, a school/university fee vehicle for your children and it still took care of you into your retirement.


Door traits’ trend reveals Central London’s most photogenic facades

There’s a new Instagram trend taking over from diners taking pictures of their dinner plates


Positivity from commercial property occupiers boosts London’s standing

London’s commercial property and residential property sectors are very different beasts but their success is, to a degree, interlinked


Can you add value to your home by making eco improvements?

Would you significantly improve the energy efficiency of your property in order to add value ahead of a house move? The


Breath of fresh air? Could agents’ listings contain pollution details?

Estate agents may be asked to provide information on the air quality around each home they sell, suggests one of the most influential trade bodies in the property sector


Do drones have a future in estate agency?

Are drones set to play a bigger role in the property industry? Unmanned aerial vehicles, as they are formally known, are already being used to capture aerial images and videos of sprawling estates and farmland to give a sense of scale, and now property specialists have found a new use for the technology


Marvellous mews! How a redesign transformed one Central London property

Mews properties offer buyers a slice of London’s history in the most central of locations, usually complete with an interesting past use and unusual layout
This freehold period mews home in Pimlico with its stripped brick exterior and cellar comes with planning permissions and private parking. Excellent transport links and a variety of retail, dining and wining options are a short walk away.


London mews property prices to rise 10% over five years

It may not be time for champagne corks to pop just yet, but at Lurot Brand we are feeling cautiously optimistic. This renewed optimism follows a report which revealed that from next year, prime London property prices are projected to grow by more than 10% over five years.


Mortgage choice reaches 9-year high with record low rates

The choice of mortgage products available to home buyers and property investors has reached a nine-year high, comments Moneyfacts
Tucked away at the end of a cobbled street, this stripped brick, three bedroom mews home is ideal if mews living in prime Central London appeals. Excellent transport links, boutiques, restaurants and bars are a stone’s throw away as is Harrods.


Pros and cons of London mews property

Located in quiet, cobbled streets, painted in soft pastel colours and adorned with colourful hanging baskets … It’s no wonder that we love London mews properties, but is that love simply skin deep?


Millionaires & billionaires show faith in BREXIT Britain

The most successful CEOs and the world’s wealthiest people are prospering in Britain despite our vote to leave the EU, according to two influential reports released in May


First-time buyer in your 40s? It might become the norm

An independent study from the International Longevity Centre and the Building Societies Association has revealed that many homeowners in the future will be paying off a mortgage well into their 60s and even 70s


Stability in Central London presents relative property affordability

There is a profusion of press articles circulating that detail the direction of house prices in Central London compared to other part of the capital and, indeed, elsewhere in the UK


First sub-1% mortgage rate heralds period of exceptional home loan affordability

Movers looking to buy a property using a mortgage have an unbelievable range of home loans to choose from, with the Yorkshire Building Society launching the lowest mortgage rate ever this month, available in the UK at 0


Street food festivals set to tantalise Kensington & Paddington

Kensington – a part of London known for its upscale restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Kitchen W8 – is set for a different kind of gastronomic experience this summer

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