Wake up in the 19th century in Bathurst Mews W2


As a 21st century London resident, you may find it hard to process some of the everyday sounds that emanate from Bathurst Mews; such as the gentle clip-clop of hooves on a cobbled street.


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Before you blame it on last night’s cocktails, take a look outside. You may well just catch a glimpse of mounted riders.Bathurst is a mews with over 63 houses, and five of these properties provide a home for central London’s last two riding stables. The Ross Nye Stables and Hyde Park Stables are tucked away at the southern end of the long mews street, so they don’t detract from the desirability of the street as a place to live.


This mews is one of the loveliest in London, accessed through an arch covered in Virginia Creeper and filled with pretty-as-a-picture houses adorned with shrubs and flowering plants. If location is king, then Bathurst would definitely take the crown, as it is situated just a few minutes’ walk from Hyde Park and Kensington and just moments from Lancaster Gate tube. The busy hub of Paddington, with its mainline station and trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, is also within walking distance.

To quote Antoine, “Living in Bathurst Mews, one of my greatest pleasures is hearing the blacksmith nailing and rasping at the hooves of horses against a background of the bells of St James’ church ringing out in Sussex Gardens. House guests are often very confused when they wake up to such bucolic sounds and smells finding it hard to believe they are still in the heart of central London.

Thinking of buying a property in this historic street? You’ll be making a wise investment. Currently we have two outstanding properties in Bathurst Mews W2 for sale. Despite their traditional exteriors, both houses have been renovated to create smart contemporary interiors that offer plenty of open plan space and light.

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If you’re looking for a property in Bathurst Mews W2 for rent, we can offer a stunning selection of houses, all beautifully presented and with a great contemporary vibe. Simply move in and enjoy everything that this wonderful central London location has to offer.

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Whether you choose to rent or buy in Bathurst, you’ll benefit from working with a specialist agency that really understands mews living. Lurot Brand is the only estate agent in London dedicated to mews and mews-style properties, and as such we are refreshingly different from high-street corporates.

We’re a modern agency with old-fashioned values and an encyclopedic knowledge of mews streets, happy to offer advice and guidance to all our clients to help them find the perfect mews property. If you’d like to rent or buy in Bathurst Mews or in any of the 600+ mews streets in London, call us at Lurot Brand today.

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