Mews in Bloom Competition 2024

Attention Mews residents, it’s time to don your gardening gloves! 

We’re blooming excited to announce the return of Lurot Brand’s annual Mews in Bloom gardening competition this summer. From May until the end of June, our judges will visit the mews to evaluate the entries based on colour usage, greenery, plant selection, shape, form, structure, and overall presentation.

Once more, this year’s winner will receive a prestigious bronze plaque for their mews – entrants need to confirm they have a designated spot either in the mews street or on a house, where the plaque can be mounted.

This event garners enthusiastic support from our mews residents, who eagerly anticipate it each year. It’s a gathering that cultivates community spirit, where friendships blossom over shared weeding tasks and casual conversations during deadheading sessions. The competition is as much about fostering connections among neighbours as it is about celebrating nature.

We warmly invite you to throw your gardening hat into the ring this year! If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to with a photo of your mews street, your best contact details, and specifics about where you plan to showcase the plaque. 

We’ll be providing more information in the weeks to come so keep your eyes peeled!