Jubilee June

As we start the month with a four day weekend to celebrate our great monarch’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic torch is winding its way around the country, you may find yourself in the minority in reading this and looking for a mews or similar hidden gem this summer. Congratulations, as we are here to help and ensure that you get a great service.

FlagsCertainly, the number of houses coming to the market – with all agents – is following a negative trend year on year; however the number of valuations we are doing at the moment leads us to feel positive about the near future. Clients including investors, property developers and those looking to leave London to retire to the country make up some of the current motivated vendors, and these will continue to generate new instructions coming to the market. We don’t anticipate any rush of new property, rather a steady flow, which is still making buying a house a competitive pursuit.

41 Years Of Experience

Whether this is your first foray into this characterful type of property or you are a seasoned collector of mews houses, we aim to advise, guide and generally assist wherever possible in your search. Even if you are only looking for a recommendation of an architect or surveyor, please get in touch and we will share some of the expertise we have accrued over the last 41 years.

Written by Duncan Petrie | Sales Manager

Featured Image Attribution: ReeSaunders