Home Advantage

Finally the work at our offices in South Kensington is complete and we are happy to announce that our new address is 4 & 5 Kynance Place. A much needed revamp and expansion, and whilst we are still undergoing the last few finishing touches, I hope everyone will agree that it looks great.

The Olympics are now under way and it’s clear that any other activity in London has taken a step back. However, many would argue that with the lack of property on the market (and therefore lack of competition) that this is the best time to sell. We would have to agree.

The Right Property, Not The Right Time

Unlike the rental market (which is very seasonal) the sales market is currently driven by the ‘right property’ as opposed to the ‘right time’. Buyers who have been looking for a while and have possibly even missed an opportunity, are motivated and well prepared. They also generally understand and appreciate that they must pay premiums or risk losing out.
Mews houses offer the chance to have one’s own (usually) Freehold property in London. Flexibility to use space as you wish, with few restrictions, and in certain areas at a lower rate than a leasehold flat with service charges. What other reason do you need?

In London – the capital of the world!

Raph Arwas | Sales Negotiator