Looking for a fairy-tale London home? A Victorian mews will fulfil your dreams

For a picturesque home in the heart of prime Central London, we recommend viewing a Victorian mews

These modestly sized mews houses along cobbled lanes or in cul de sacs, originally housed staff and stabled horses. Move along a few hundred years and most have been converted into stunning two-storey residences, popular with buyers and tenants looking for a retreat away from the hubbub of the city.Lush hanging ferns, climbing roses, window boxes and rows of potted plants give the brick, charred larch or painted exteriors of the 17th and 18th century mews homes a charming, fairy-tale like appearance.Kynance Mews is a great example. With terracotta pots spilling over with camellias, ivy creepers climbing its walls and a stone staircase leading to an old church it’s clear why this South Kensington Mews is considered one of London’s prettiest.If you’re interested in visiting this or any of our portfolio of period mews let us know.

Nowadays, they have been transformed into sought-after residences that offer a quiet retreat from city life. One of the most picturesque is Kynance Mews. On its western side, a tangle of creepers climbs walls, terracotta pots spill over with camellias

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