Time, gentlespooks, please! The mews with a haunted pub

At Lurot Brand we’re familiar with mews streets that are close to designer shops, exclusive hotels and private, lawned squares, but until now we have never come across a mews with a haunted pub

As you’ll see from this article, the supernatural activity at the Grenadier in Bayswater is supposed to be strongest in September, so now is a good time to pop in and order a drink, whilst keeping an eye out for any spooky activities.The ghost in question is allegedly that of a young army officer who was beaten to death after cheating at cards, and witnesses have described seeing a silent, shadowy figure gliding through the Grenadier’s rooms. At different times people have heard footsteps or moaning from the cellar and some have even reported objects moving or vanishing overnight.If you don’t happen to see anything other than the usual, convivial crowd of Bayswater locals, don’t despair. Just take a walk round the nearby mews and soak up the atmosphere. As estate agents specialising in mews properties, that’s what we, at Lurot Brand, do every day. If you’d like to live in a mews house, call us to view some of the most exclusive mews properties in London. We can guarantee that each mews home will be packed with character and period charm, but we can’t promise they’ll be next door to a haunted pub.

This haunted pub is hidden away in exclusive Belgravia, at the end of a charming, cobblestone mews only minutes away from Hyde Park Corner … It was here that a young army officer was savagely beaten by his comrades for cheating at cards, which sadly resulted in his death.

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