The Top 13 Things That Put Off Prospective Tenants Or Buyers

The importance of first impressions, something we are all too aware of in the property industry. Whether it’s how shiny your shoes are, what car you turn up in or (unsurprisingly) the condition of the property you are trying to sell or let, first impressions can make or break you in this business.

If you are currently in the process of trying to sell or let your property we’re sure you have already absorbed, and tried to action, as many ‘good practice’ recommendations as you can. Listening to self proclaimed experts is all well and good, but have you ever wondered what the people that really matter think?

Thankfully were wondering just the same thing and used their considerable resources to find out the answers. They posed the question “If you were viewing a property, which of the following would most put you off buying or renting?” to over 2,000 UK adults and asked them to tick their top 3. So strap yourselves in and prepare to find out what could be dragging your property down.


Messy-Room-For-Top-13-Put-Offs-Piece1. Noisy neighbours (55% said they would be put off by this)
2. Mouldy rooms (49%)
3. General poor state of repair (43%)
4. Lack of central heating (30%)
5. Untidy neighbours’ gardens (28%)
6. Unpleasant smells (e.g. animals or tobacco smoke) (27%)
7. Badly kept communal areas (flats) (16%)
8. Lack of double glazing (14%)
9. Half-done decorating / building work (8%)
10. Stone cladding (7%)
11. Brown or green bathroom suite (4%)
12. Untidy or overgrown garden (4%)
13. Decorating ‘not to our taste’ (2%)

Unfortunately not all of these different variables are within your control. Obviously there’s little action you can take with regards to noisy neighbours (short of hoping and praying that they won’t be in when your property is being viewed). The same can be said for untidy neighbours gardens. However, many of the things on this list are well within your control and are deserving of your attention. If you smoke why not start nipping out to the garden to partake. It may involve you going out in the cold but hey, that’s what jackets were invented for. If it adds value to your house or makes it easier to sell then it’s worth the effort and uncomfort.

Any and all decorating put-offs are relatively straightforward to solve as well. We know you have been meaning to finish painting the hallway but you just haven’t found the time. The fact of the matter is that you need to find the time if you want to sell your property for what it is really worth. It also goes to say that you may have been putting off cutting back that bush and digging up those old tree stumps in the garden for so long that you had forgotten they even existed but believe us, people viewing your house will notice them. Realistically speaking, you’re looking at an afternoons work to get your garden looking ship shape again.

Of course, not all of these issues are easy fixes. When it comes to things such as fitting central heating or double glazing you need to do a simple cost analysis of whether you’ll make more money from selling the property then it will cost you to carry out the improvements.


Messy-Room-For-Top-13-Put-Offs-PieceIt’s worth noting that different age groups find different things more important. For example, whereas 21% of 18-34 year olds would be put off by a lack of double glazing only 10% of the over-55′s would see this as an issue. However, in a role reversal 65% of people aged 65 plus said they would be put off by noisy neighbours whereas just 35% of 18-24 year olds saw this as an issue.

So, our advice? Correct as many of these issues as possible whilst making your house as attractive to prospective buyers and tenants as you can and you will be putting yourself above the competition, something that is incredibly important in this cutthroat property market, particularly the central London one!

Written by Lajla Turner | Lettings Manager

Featured Image Attribution: Pennello

Messy Room Image Attribution: Hector Alejandro

Broken Window Image Attribution: robokow