And We Have Lift Off!

After a protracted period of what can only be described as a stagnant central London Lettings market, activity has increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks and, moving towards Spring, we fully expect it to continue. Whilst much of our existing stock was let in February, many more new properties are coming to the market to replace them.

Bathhurst-Mews-Archway-PhotoSince the property crash heralded by Lehman Brothers in 2008, the Lettings market has seen many different types of behaviour with the lengths of tenancies and achievable rents varying. Now that we are on an upturn as London continues to attract highly skilled professionals – both corporate and individuals – we are seeing more current tenancies renewing year on year with rent increases and new tenancies being agreed at 2 years or more at a time giving security to the Tenant and peace of mind to our Landlords.

Here at Lurot Brand we take our commitment to good service very seriously and as a result have built up a longstanding and mutually beneficial working relationship with our Clients, the Landlords. This means that you in turn will benefit not only from our widespread legal expertise and advice throughout the negotiation process but also the wide choice.

It pays to be prepared:

  • Do your homework. The internet is a valuable tool in starting your research. However do not be fooled by the apparent enormous choice – many Landlords instruct a multitude of agents and often you will see the same properties advertised several (or more) times on each web portal. Talk to our negotiators. Decide what you do want and what you definitely do not want from your property.
  • Be open-minded wherever possible. We may suggest you a property you would have discounted outright on the internet but it may just surprise you and at the very least clarify what is non-negotiable for you.
  • Be prepared. Have your references prepared and how you are going to pay the rent. We are now seeing a return to multiple bids on properties and in order to secure your perfect home in London, you may need to commit quickly.
  • We are here to help so come in and see us or give us a ring – 020 7479 1999.


Written by Lajla Turner | Lettings Manager