An Indian Summer In London Lettings

The Lettings market is hot and raring to go after a quiet summer. The demand for 2 and 3 bedroom flats ideal for sharers and family-friendly houses is high especially in the Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea areas and we are seeing multiple bids for the first time since the start of 2012 attracting favourable rents for Landlords. As you will see from this list, we have a wealth of properties to choose from, whatever your requirements and are taking on new instructions each and every day.

Timing-For-Indian-Summer-In-London-Lettings-ArticleAs we have seen many more relocation agents registering with their corporate Clients, Landlords are especially keen to attract offers from them. In these financially straitened times, they are considered a safe choice.

What can you do as a private Tenant to ensure you are best placed to secure your ideal property?

Our advice is to be prepared:

  • References. How are you planning to satisfy the Landlord that you will be a good Tenant and be able to satisfy your contractual rental obligations? We have seen many tenancies not proceed beyond the referencing stage, more so than at any other time post-Lehmann Brothers collapse in 2008.
  • Expenditure. What is your maximum budget and what would you feel most comfortable spending? Don’t forget to factor the deposit, administration and reference costs into your budget.
  • Negotiability. What is crucial for you? Do you need to be near a certain school? Tube line? Parking? What you do not want is just as important.
  • Timing. Are you ready to move? Do you have to give notice to a current Landlord?
  • Talk to one of our ARLA qualified Lettings Team today. We are ready to guide you through the Lettings process from beginning to end with the minimum of effort.
  • Last but not least don’t forget to give us a ring!


Written by Lajla Turner | Lettings Manager

Featured Image Attribution:  Martin Pettitt

Image Two Attribution:  katerha