Mews News

Welcome to the latest summer edition of Mews News! As the season graces us with its warmth, the mews are basking in the occasional sunlight that breaks through the typical British weather. The charm and character of our mews houses are more delightful than ever, offering a perfect backdrop for lazy summer afternoons and evening strolls when the sun decides to make an appearance.

This edition is brimming with a rich variety of content, making it one of our most comprehensive issues yet. We’ve expanded our coverage to include more interviews, insightful articles, and a broader range of mews houses and streets for you to explore. From tips on creating the perfect courtyard garden to in-depth discussions with our sales, lettings, and property management teams, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our LB Loves section is packed with recommendations for Notting Hill, just in time for the famous Notting Hill Festival.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some truly remarkable individuals for this edition. Judith Blacklock shares the secrets behind her stunning flower shop in the mews, while David Sears, an ex-rally driver turned mews enthusiast, talks about his illustrious career and his latest venture, Move International. You’ll also find updates on our latest properties, both sold and for sale, as well as those available to rent.

We hope you find this edition as enjoyable and informative as we have found in putting it together.

Happy reading!