Mews News

The summer issue of Mews News is here at last. As we navigate uncertain times and face tough choices and financial pressures, the prospect of a long hot summer offers a welcome distraction. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or rent a home, managing expectations and being realistic about prices and rental values is crucial to maintain momentum in the property market. In this issue, Mollie Swallow, Director & Head of Lettings, explores this topic in her rental article. Additionally, Head of Sales, Billy Harvey’s conversation with property journalist Zoe Dare Hall sheds light on the current state of London’s prime central sales market, emphasizing the importance of perceiving value and finding a pragmatic approach for both sellers and buyers. Martyn John Brown takes us on a nostalgic trip down mews memory lane, reflecting on the glory days of mews properties and reminding owners to cherish their homes. Lastly, don’t miss our interview with a visionary buyer who transformed two derelict mews properties in Junction Mews back in the 1970s. Enjoy the sunshine in London and remember that we’re always here to provide property advice, rain or shine.

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