Eaton Mews West, Belgravia, London, SW1W


“EATON SQUARE GARAGE in Belgravia could be considered to be the oldest garage with a continuous unbroken working history in the entire country!!
Eaton Square with its Mews, servant quarters, stables and coach garages were constructed in about 1823, and Eaton Mews West has been a Garage with an unbroken history of about 178 years!!
When the place was first constructed it was solely to be used as garage for the main residences facing Eaton Square, which is still today one of the most exclusive area not only in London but the whole of the UK.
From about 1823 to about 1850 Eaton Square Mews was used mainly as the garages solely for the residences of the main houses.
Eaton Mews West became an “automobile garage” from the very birth of the automobile which was from the 1890’s. Eaton Square Garage as it was known, even in the years 1900 to about 1930, offered commercial services, especially prior to and after the first world war.
It was about 1920 that the garage – with the rapid demise of the horse and carriage became a full-time automotive garage.
Around 1930 the garage became a proper commercial automotive garage and was named “Eaton Square Garage” a name it retains still today.
Externally nothing much has changed, The services of the “Garage” are still continued, and Eaton Square Garage makes every effort to offer their services with that almost nonexistent “Old world charm”, and they are happy to say that there are customers today whose parents (several times over) were most probably customers as well.”

BOROUGH: City of Westminster.

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