Bathurst Mews, Hyde Park Estate, Bayswater, London, W2

Apart from being an extremely pretty cobbled mews, Bathurst Mews is famous for the last two riding schools in central London. It is a long mews with some 63 mews houses (some stables). The mews is a few minutes walk from Hyde Park and Kensington and moments from Lancaster Gate.


In Bathurst Mews W2 in the late 1950’s there lived a butcher who had a Bugatti in the garage and regularly worked on it with the garage doors open. One day an American walked by and seeing the Bugatti offered to buy… just the engine. He offered so much money that the butcher sold it, retaining the now engine-less body. We wonder what happened to it? Depending on the model a Bugatti with its engine could easily fetch half a million pounds today.

Some of the houses in Bathurst Mews were fairly substantial, being shown on old leases as having a depth of 47ft 3in. Yet the yearly ground rent on leases issued in the 1840’s averaged only £2 on 92 year leases, to be paid in three instalments of 13s 4d each. Bathurst Mews first appears in the Post Office Directory for 1845 with the following inhabitants: No1, Ed Munn, Corn and Coal Merchant; No 2 ,Thos Durrell, veterinary surgeon; No 5, Thos Odell dairyman; No 17, King Henry Livery Stables; No 18, Wm Dear, Fly proprietor; a fairly typical collection of mews dwellers.”
From: ‘The Mews of London’ by Barbara Rosen & Wolfgang Zuckerman. (Pub. 1982 Webb & Bower)

BOROUGH: City of Westmister.

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