5 great ways to keep busy during lockdown

22/05/2020 by Lurot Brand

Although some Londoners are cautiously returning to work, many still remain at home, on furlough leave.  If you’ve been looking for new ways to occupy your time, Lurot Brand’s quarterly magazine Mews News has thoughtfully curated a list of activities - from yoga to online quizzes – to keep you busy. ..

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Be a DIY superhero: smart home fixes for lockdown

21/05/2020 by Lurot Brand

You’re in lockdown, and you’ve just noticed a problem around the house that needs fixing.  It’s not sufficiently urgent to call an emergency plumber or electrician, but it’s enough to cause irritation and inconvenience to you and the rest of the family.  So what do you do? ..

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My life in a mews: a top designer’s property insights

21/04/2020 by Lurot Brand

James Thurstan Waterworth has an eye for unique and beautiful things. In a recent interview for Lurot Brand’s Mews News magazine, he describes his favourite piece of furniture - a lovely, late 16th century shepherds’ hut cabinet - as "a complete one-off." ..

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Is prime London property in recovery?

6/04/2020 by Lurot Brand

"Some prime London agents are shouting ‘recovery’ from the rafters lately, and there have been some groundbreaking sales to back them up." So says Zoe Dare Hall of The Telegraph, writing in the spring edition of Mews News. ..

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