Noah’s rollercoaster year in Belsize Park

29/12/2020 by Lurot Brand

When mews broker Noah Pearlman launched Lurot Brand's new office in Belsize Park in late 2019, the market outlook was grim.  Writing in the winter edition of Mews News, he says it was a time when speculation about the effects of Brexit on the economy had dampened Londoners' enthusiasm for buying and selling property. ..

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Noah’s ‘light and space’ mews challenge

23/11/2020 by Lurot Brand

Noah Pearlman must be pleased that it’s been ‘business as usual’ for Lurot Brand during lockdown 2.0. Writing in Mews News Noah, who runs Lurot Brand’s north London office, has bemoaned his first lockdown experience. Like many of us, he spent the time “eating and binge-watching Netflix”. However, on his return to the office, he discovered that his waistline wasn’t the only thing to have changed. ..

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Your rental property: does it stand out from the crowd?

28/10/2020 by Lurot Brand

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for London landlords. With a large number of rental properties currently on the market and the Christmas season just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your rental property stands out from the competition. ..

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How two World Wars changed London’s mews streets forever

17/09/2020 by Lurot Brand

Although the scars of two world wars are barely visible in the capital today, during the first half of the 20th century terrible damage was inflicted on London’s built heritage. During the Second World War alone it is estimated that around 18,800 tons of high explosives rained down upon the city’s streets. ..

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Why ‘safe as houses’ resonates after lockdown

14/09/2020 by Lurot Brand

In this month’s feature-packed edition of Mews News, Telegraph property writer Zoe Dare Hall examines the current prospects for homebuyers, sellers and landlords. The article, which features an interview with Lurot Brand’s Head of Sales Marlon Lloyd Malcolm, explores issues affecting the post-lockdown property market and asks “are we out of the woods?” ..

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