Why Adele chose a London mews over life in LA

It appears that many of Adele’s fans believe that our home grown singing sensation lives in Los Angeles: the natural habitat for a superstar of her magnitude

People think we live in LA. We don’t. We live in London. After about two weeks in LA, I say ‘please take me home’.”Adele was born in Tottenham and, with the exception of a few childhood years spent in Brighton (which she found ‘pretentious and posh’), she has always lived in the capital. London loves her too. In her early career she was so popular on the London live circuit that a producer on the Jools Holland show booked her before she had actually released a record.The place she has now chosen as home for herself, her partner and her young son Angelo is a mews street in Kensington. Having bought one mews property, she went on to buy the house next door, too, and this family home is where she returns after all those tours and public appearances. It’s clear that Adele is happy in her mews home. Meanwhile, at Lurot Brand we have our fingers crossed just in case she ever decides to move. If you’re considering a mews, call usto say ‘Hello’. We’d love to show you our portfolio of uniqueLondon mews properties.

In 2012 Adele bought a mews house in Kensington for