Leaner, meaner & much better: how Americans think the UK will be post-BREXIT

The UK’s appeal on the international stage is holding firm, even after the trigger of Article 50

In fact, our American cousins have flagged up investment in London’s property market as a winning strategy post BREXIT, believing our economy will be fitter and stronger after we have left the EU.Global macro strategists in America are now urging property investors to ‘go long’ on London real estate, believing house values will climb over the coming years and currency advantages are facilitating unbelievable deals.”It’s not only home-grown investors who believe London property is a safe bet,” comments Michael Brisby, the Sales Manager at mews-specialist estate agency, Lurot Brand. “American investors have an enduring love affair with London and they are seeing real value in our current property market. Additionally, they acknowledge massive positives in our departure from the EU. Their confidence will be a strong factor in the stability and fluidity of the prime London housing market post BREXIT, and articles like this one are a glowing endorsement for London.”Investors in America are being told the current climate in the UK capital is an almost once-in-a-lifetime ‘perfect storm’ of conditions, with one expert stating ‘London always ends up being a trophy city.’The wonderful period and character property stock in London will rise in popularity off the back of this trend for investment, and Lurot Brand expects increased demand for the mews houses it sells.

Van-Petersen said he believes the U.K. will emerge from its EU exit “leaner, meaner, and just much better.”

Website URL: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/31/never-mind-the-brexit-the-screaming-rock-n-roll-trade-that-is-going-long-london-property.html