Bring out your spooky side in a mews

How do you celebrate Halloween in a mews? If you have children, a mews community is probably one of the safest and easiest places for them to enjoy ‘trick or treating’, without the usual worries about traffic or stranger danger

You can keep an eye on them as they move from house to house and – unless you live in a particularly long mews street – restrict their sugar consumption, by keeping their activities within the immediate neighbourhood! At this time of the year when the nights are drawing in, a lighted candelabra or glowing pumpkin in the window are great ways to show the neighbours you are celebrating the night of “All Souls”. If you want to fill the house with Halloween themed decorations but don’t favour the trashy plastic rubbish to be found in many local stores, try these ideas from the website Retro Chick, one of the UK’s leading vintage inspired fashion and lifestyle blogs. Here blog author Gemma Seager offers a range of sophisticated Halloween inspired ideas, including this cute, needle-felted pumpkin set by Jacksbeanstalk on Alternatively visit Alfie’s Antiques Market in Marylebone to pick up some fantastic bygone decor items, from brass candlesticks to scary tribal masks. At Lurot Brand we have an array of fantastic mews properties just waiting to be explored. If you enjoy viewing some of the capital’s most sought-after homes then you’re in for a treat, with absolutely no tricks involved.

Halloween decorations don’t have to be about covering your house in cobwebs and spiders, you can do grown up, stylish AND spooky. Here I’ve found 5 Halloween decorations to add some spook to your space without sacrificing style.

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