Musings of the mews alchemists

Lurot Brand is London’s only mews specialist, and it’s not surprising to find that staff working at the company’s offices in Hyde Park, South Kensington and Notting Hill tend to live and breathe mews property 24/7.

That means Lurot Brand staff frequently go far beyond the cliché of the ‘extra mile’ to achieve their objectives. When you bring together solid experience, finely-tuned interpersonal skills, creative thinking and an intimate understanding of the market, it creates a kind of alchemy that has the potential to achieve startling results.

1. Vital help for vendors

Head of Sales Marlon Lloyd Malcolm is frank about his determination to get the best price for clients selling their homes. “Prime London property has taken a hit over the past year or two, but we are still managing to produce some remarkable results for vendors. It’s all about knowing your buyers really well and finding ways to fulfil their needs whilst also producing a great deal for the seller.”

Successful sales

Marlon Lloyd Malcolm - MNAEA

2. Straight talking for landlords

After 14 years working in the industry, Head of Lettings Lynsey Schipper knows exactly what makes a successful rental property. “One of my main responsibilities is to help landlords to present their mews home for prospective tenants. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to make a property attractive to prospective tenants, sometimes only a full refurbishment will do. Presentation is everything: get it right, and you can achieve a really good return on your investment.”

Letting it right

Lynsey Schipper - MARLA

3. Reasons why tenants return

This attention to detail is what brings tenants back to the agency again and again. “There are tenants who have been with us for years,” says Lynsey. “And that’s because we know exactly what works for their particular lifestyle. Some tenants have become old friends and they keep in touch even when they are settled into a long-term tenancy.”

Ready to rent

4. Thinking out of the box for buyers

General Manager James Robinson believes that his team’s uncanny ability to tune in to their buyers’ individual desires and needs is the key to the agency’s success. “Sometimes – and particularly during periods when the market is challenging – we have to throw out the accepted wisdom of how you buy and sell a property and think in different ways,” he explains. “Occasionally a buyer will come to us with a request that sounds almost impossible to achieve. It can take a mixture of detective work, persistence and sheer willpower to make it happen, but we invariably find a way.”

Buyers’ benefits

James Robinson

It may sound like magic, but determination, hard work and imagination are the real reasons why Lurot Brand has remained as the go-to agency for London mews property for over forty years. If you’re thinking of buying, selling, letting or renting a London mews property, you know who to call.