Mews in Bloom 2021 – Judging Urban Mews Gardens

This year’s winner of Mews in Bloom, the annual competition organised by Lurot Brand is Bathurst Mews. This urban beauty of a garden in W2 was judged by a panel of creative and horticultural experts – Alison Condie, Tony Heywood, and Robert Mann. A big well done to all the hardworking and talented mews residents […]


Your rental property: does it stand out from the crowd?

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for London landlords. With a large number of rental properties currently on the market and the Christmas season just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your rental property stands out from the competition.


How two World Wars changed London’s mews streets forever

Although the scars of two world wars are barely visible in the capital today, during the first half of the 20th century terrible damage was inflicted on London’s built heritage. During the Second World War alone it is estimated that around 18,800 tons of high explosives rained down upon the city’s streets.


Why ‘safe as houses’ resonates after lockdown

In this month’s feature-packed edition of Mews News, Telegraph property writer Zoe Dare Hall examines the current prospects for homebuyers, sellers and landlords. The article, which features an interview with Lurot Brand’s Head of Sales Marlon Lloyd Malcolm, explores issues affecting the post-lockdown property market and asks “are we out of the woods?”


5 great ways to keep busy during lockdown

Although some Londoners are cautiously returning to work, many still remain at home, on furlough leave.  If you’ve been looking for new ways to occupy your time, Lurot Brand’s quarterly magazine Mews News has thoughtfully curated a list of activities – from yoga to online quizzes – to keep you busy.


Be a DIY superhero: smart home fixes for lockdown

You’re in lockdown, and you’ve just noticed a problem around the house that needs fixing.  It’s not sufficiently urgent to call an emergency plumber or electrician, but it’s enough to cause irritation and inconvenience to you and the rest of the family.  So what do you do?


My life in a mews: a top designer’s property insights

James Thurstan Waterworth has an eye for unique and beautiful things. In a recent interview for Lurot Brand’s Mews News magazine, he describes his favourite piece of furniture – a lovely, late 16th century shepherds’ hut cabinet – as “a complete one-off.”


Is prime London property in recovery?

“Some prime London agents are shouting ‘recovery’ from the rafters lately, and there have been some groundbreaking sales to back them up.” So says Zoe Dare Hall of The Telegraph, writing in the spring edition of Mews News.


Why There Is a Huge Spike in Houses?

Huge spikes in buyers looking to purchase a house valued between £2,000,000 and £4,000,000.


When Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Is it the right time to sell your mews house? Here’s some advice on when you should consider it.


Our helpful guide to new lettings laws

Last year landlords were hit by a veritable landslide of new legislation, from the tenant fee ban to changes in mortgage interest tax relief. Here are the most important ones for landlords to make a note of.


The importance of pricing right

When a property sits on the market and fails to sell, where does the fault rest? Is it with the agent for failing to fulfill their obligation to make the sale? Or, does the blame rest with the seller or even with the potential buyers?


How to handle basement excavation in a neighbouring property?

It’s a tricky situation as you tend to end up with disgruntled tenants. They could be the best tenants you’ve ever had, and the two of you get along perfectly. Then, when the diggers arrive, everything changes. Nobody wants to live next door to construction works. Basement excavations take a long time and are incredibly […]


The Parliamentary Review highlights Lurot Brand’s innovation

It’s not a publication you might expect to see along with the newspapers and fashion magazines on a newsagent’s shelf, but The Parliamentary Review is nevertheless a very big deal for the UK’s business and political movers and shakers.
antoine mews


Our proudest moment

Lurot Brand’s staff members were bursting with pride on the evening of Tuesday 21st November, when our fantastic founder Antoine Lurot collected his Lifetime Achievement Award from the London Magazine Club.
Potted greenery and mistletoe give the exterior of your period mews home a charming appearance and attract buyers


Advice on selling your property this Autumn

James Robinson, our General Manager offers his advice on preparing your property for an autumn sale.
This stylishly furnished mews house is an ideal buy-to-let owing to its great location


Tips on being a shrewd landlord

Lynsey Schipper, our Head of Lettings offers her advice on how to be a shrewd landlord
Portobello Road Market is a convenient stopping point for residents in the nearby mews streets


Portobello Road is London’s coolest address

“Portobello Road, Portobello Road, street where the riches of ages are stowed. Anything and everything a chap can unload is sold off the barrow in Portobello Road.”


What Makes A Good Estate Agency Excellent?

Uniquely, we do not regionalise offices. Crucially, a mews buyer is not always a local buyer. Our negotiators have the freedom to show properties all over London and often a mews buyer’s main search criteria is the style of the property/or the mews itself as opposed to its postcode! We pride ourselves on our excellent […]


Welcome to the new Lurot Brand Blog!

As recently appointed Public Relations Manager for Lurot Brand, I will be bringing you a regular insight into our business – some of it will be anecdotal and some of it will be updates on the Residential Sales and Lettings market in central London. Estate agency is exciting and with over 40 years of experience […]


UK House Price Record Hits New High

A six-storey Grade 1 listed Regency property, which is located in Carlton House Terrace and  just down the road from Buckingham Palace, is being advertised for a record price of £250 million. It is rumoured to be listed on the ‘grey market’ with a confidential brochure detailing the property circulating amongst the ultra-rich. The house, which is […]


London is more than just a commodity

Nowhere competes to an English summer, when we see it, and London’s mews streets particularly demonstrate its beauty. This time of year sees people flood to London to experience its wealth of summer attractions and eat home grown strawberries in SW19.


The London Olympics Aftermath

The Olympics have now come and gone – what a great success! Whilst I am sure many of us had our doubts, I think we can all agree that Londoners have something to be proud of, and yet further reason for London to be celebrated and recognised.


Home Advantage

Finally the work at our offices in South Kensington is complete and we are happy to announce that our new address is 4 & 5 Kynance Place. A much needed revamp and expansion, and whilst we are still undergoing the last few finishing touches, I hope everyone will agree that it looks great.


Will the olympic flame fan the London mews market?

London’s long awaited Olympic summer is nearly upon us and by the end of this month the world will have had an opportunity to admire the lean and professional athletes taking part in the opening ceremony.


Letting the perfect home need not be an olympic task!

An extraordinary amount of activity through June has seen a healthy turnover of stock across central London so if you have been looking for some time, you should now see some new properties to choose from. We have seen particular demand for one and two bedroom pied-a-terres around Hyde Park as well as family houses […]


Diamond Life In London

Searching for timely inspiration for this article, my eyes were drawn to our Union Jack bunting patriotically displayed in our shop window and it occurred to me that if you are reading this, you are probably looking to rent at a very fortuitous time. Please believe me that it is not often I can say […]


Jubilee June

As we start the month with a four day weekend to celebrate our great monarch’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic torch is winding its way around the country, you may find yourself in the minority in reading this and looking for a mews or similar hidden gem this summer. Congratulations, as we are here to […]


Be Prepared

Lettings can be a confusing and often legally complicated process, especially when you first start looking for a property. So many properties not to mention estate agents to choose from and that is before you start considering your budget, requirements, location, schools, tube links etc. The list is seemingly endless.


Buying, Selling And Paperwork

I can’t quite believe that we are already a quarter through 2012. It’s been a busy three months and time has really flown by. Currently, the number of properties we have Under Offer (waiting to exchange) is at an all time high, but what all parties are finding very frustrating is the time it is […]

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