5 great ways to keep busy during lockdown

Although some Londoners are cautiously returning to work, many still remain at home, on furlough leave.  If you’ve been looking for new ways to occupy your time, Lurot Brand’s quarterly magazine Mews News has thoughtfully curated a list of activities – from yoga to online quizzes – to keep you busy.


1 Exercise

With over seven million online subscribers, Yoga with Adriene has become a firm favourite with London lockdowners.  As yoga requires very little equipment apart from your body and a mat (an old towel will do), it’s the perfect way to exercise at home.  Another popular resource is the Peloton app, where subscribers can take part in strength training, yoga and core exercise classes. 

2 Boardgame bonanza

Many families have fallen back on old-fashioned board games such as Scrabble or Cluedo to keep boredom at bay. Best of all for mews-dwellers is a customised version of Monopoly, where regular street names have been replaced by the names of mews streets (email info@lurotbrand.co.uk for details).

Another great family activity – particularly useful if you are currently homeschooling – is provided by the British Museum.  This iconic cultural institution has created a virtual tour to showcase some of its most spectacular exhibits.

3 Stay-at-home treats

Several London food outlets and restaurants are offering tasty treats that can be delivered to your home.  From burger packs to cheese-based “self-isolation survival kits”, food retailers are proving highly creative as they find new ways to serve locked-down customers.  If you are a wine lover, this is the perfect time to set up a Zoom wine tasting group to enjoy vintages from one of our best independent wine merchants.  See the Mews News article for full details.

4 Quiz nights

If lockdown has proved one thing, it’s that everyone loves a quiz.  There are plenty of online quizzes to choose from, but if you fancy trying a celebrity “pub quiz” with a subscription set up to help a local theatre and the NHS, you can book via the link in this article.

5 Keep those grey cells active

Adult colouring is a great way to relax and there are some wonderful books available, with colour-in themes that range from jazzy Aztec patterns to luscious rainforest illustrations.  Steal the kids’ crayons and create your masterpiece.

Without work to stimulate our minds, it’s important to keep those grey cells firing up.  Brain-training apps are designed to challenge your thinking in many different ways.  Try a new puzzle or problem each day to stimulate memory and keep your brain productive.

And finally …

If you’ve been tempted by the great ideas in this blog, why not read the full article in Mews News?  The magazine is packed with fascinating features on everything from artisan bread-making to London’s hidden rivers.  What’s more you can also browse fantastic mews and hidden gem properties to buy or rent. 

So if you’re thinking of moving house now restrictions have been lifted, why not get in touch with us at Lurot Brand?

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