Business in the Mews:

Read the story of Sam Cook, Urban Storm, Shrewsbury Mews (previously Kensington Park Mews).

I first met Sam Cook thirty years ago while skippering sailing yachts in the Med and after a couple of seasons he declared that he had had his eureka moment and was heading back to London to set up a company printing advertising on to the netting on scaffolding. In 1988 his goal was to turn Big Ben into a gargantuan Coca-Cola bottle when it was next scaffolded.

In hindsight turning the British seat of government into an advertising gimmick for an American drinks company was a little optimistic so the Albert Memorial got the coke bottle treatment and Sam’s innovative idea has become commonplace on scaffolding across the world.

Since then he has diversified concentrating on the installation of the vast digital advertising screens of the type you see now at Piccadilly Circus and along the arterial roads into London and now inside shopping malls etc. Over a Guinness in the Cow Sam suggested we fitted one of his super massive screens into the window of our Ladbroke Grove office, as it is on an extremely busy junction, and it’s been a resounding success. It’s incredible. At 7’ 4’’ or 89 inches and being three times brighter than a TV, it’s glare proof. We believe it’s the largest screen to be fitted in any estate agency window in the country and, with its 3gig built in hard drive, we can either download what we want playing or run it through Wifi, USB, LAN or HDMI or, with the iPhone app,I can switch between the carousel property program to video tours of mews streets from anywhere in the world.

So when you find yourself stuck at the Ladbroke Grove/ Holland Park Avenue lights have a glance at what’s playing.

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