Working Hard To Find Your Ideal Property

As reported in the February Mews Sales List there was a shortage of available properties with the likelihood of more coming to the market. That likelihood has become a reality, including a lovely house in Albion Mews which is the first house in the street to be openly marketed for sale since 2002, but there are still too few properties to quench the current demand. We are being kept busy valuing houses for clients where they are weighing up their tax position and personal lives and this ensures that we have in some cases “a foot in the door” and in other cases much more beyond to match a keen purchaser to their ideal house even when it’s not on the market.

This buyer/client relationship is something we have worked hard at for decades and with seemingly less property on the market year on year, it is well worth talking to us to see if we have what you may be looking for.

albionmewsOver the last decade, the advent of the internet has made access to information on properties both immediate and international. The many excellent services we are now able to offer have been both a help and a hindrance for a specialist company like ours. In reality, the hindrance is more perceived as some of our clients feel that a firm of estate agents with the label “International” after their name will have access to a wider field of prospective buyers. In reality, thanks to the web, we are ALL international agents and this marketing form levels the field.

On a very few occasions in the last couple of years, our clients have also chosen one of the larger corporate agencies to act alongside Lurot Brand due to their perceived global appeal. All this does is increase the level of commission payable, and the end result? In most cases, Lurot Brand still sold the property!

We remain London’s only estate agency specialising in the sale of mews properties. Since choosing this niche all those years ago, we have maintained a strong reputation for hard work and most importantly, excellent results for our clients. Despite what the Chancellor announces on Wednesday 20th March in his Budget we will be here to advise our clients and buyers with the same grounding and perspective that our specialisation has endowed over the past 42 years which will enable us to find your ideal property.

Written by Duncan Petrie | Sales Manager