When Trump went shopping for London property

It seems ironic that when Donald J Trump set out on a mission in the mid-90s to research the location for a new Trump Tower, he ended up escorted by an agent who specialised in unique, high quality London residential properties

This article, by Lurot Brand’s very own James Robinson, describes the clash of cultures that occurred when Trump – a man obsessed with interior design features such as gold-plated lifts and illuminated water features – was offered the opportunity to purchase an elegant, ultra-high-end London residence. Trump’s escapade ended with a rejection of London as a location for potential development, because the capital’s architecture simply wasn’t big or brash enough to nurture his ambitions.It’s unlikely that Trump would ever be tempted to buy one of the characterful, distinguished homes that he visited during his whirlwind tour of London property. Fortunately property buyers from around the world with more discerning tastes (including disaffected Americans) are lining up to purchase the exclusive mews properties that are available from Lurot Brand today. If you would like to visit some of London’s most exclusive residential properties, call us to arrange a viewing. Provided you’re not secretly planning to build a tower block, we’ll get along just fine.

“In the mid ’90’s I was contacted by a relocation agent with a ‘money no limit buyer’ wanting to see the very best new build apartments London had to offer. I put together a two day itinerary and climbed into the armed limo cavalcade with a man who turned out to be Donald Trump.”

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