Warden catches Le Mans Ferrari in a mews

Staff from Fiskens, dealers in historic automobiles, were shocked when a 1970 Ferrari 512M which once raced at Le Mans was issued with a parking penalty

The incident occurred when it was briefly parked for a photoshoot in the Kensington mews street where the firm is based.In spite of pleas from the team, the warden insisted on issuing a ticket. The fine was paid and the story went on to become an internet sensation, even trending on the BBC’s website.Fiskens has made its name for selling some of the world’s rarest cars at record-breaking prices and it is a great example of the fascinating businesses you can find operating out of London mews properties. The company’s track record might impress the country’s many historic car enthusiasts, but it certainly cut no ice with the traffic warden on duty that day. It seems that no-one is above the law when it comes to parking in a Kensington mews.If you love living in one of London’s “more genteel” boroughs (according to Fiskens) and you like to know more about living in a mews property, call us at Lurot Brand today.

It has to be said that Kensington is one of London’s more genteel boroughs, so misdemeanors never go un-punished. It seems that even an ex-Le Mans Ferrari can’t park wherever it likes in the mews, even for a photo-shoot, and no amount of pleading with the local traffic warden would stop him from issuing a ticket.

Website URL: http://www.fiskens.com/news-events/News-from-the-Mews-%7C-September-2016/4199.htm