The REAL state of the London property market? Bypass the puff for the proper news

In politics finding a ‘good day to bury bad news’ is commonplace but in the world of prime Central London property, the reverse seems to be true

As a leading Central London estate agent specialising in the sale of mews properties and tucked-away gems, we monitor London newspapers, property supplements and industry websites with a keen eye.Forecasts from some quarters have been rather downbeat of late and you’d be forgiven for thinking the prime Central London property market is facing stormy weathers.Reporting with a negative tone has become a bad habit of the property press, which is a shame as the health of the prime Central London property market is rude, contrary to what is reported.This article from business newspaper City AM is the perfect example of ‘a bad day to burry good news’. You have to get past the speculation and puff at the beginning of the feature to find the positive paragraph at the end. The journalist’s ‘final thought’ is that the current global climate might actually be very good for the prime Central London property market, with the next 12-18 months bringing uplift and renewed interest.

They’re potentially very good for the prime central London market. So maybe the correction in the London market will reverse over the next 12-18 months.

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