Mirror, mirror, on the wall … why mirrors work in a mews

We’re all familiar with the most basic use for a mirror – to view your own reflection – but if you are only hanging a mirror for that reason, you may be missing a trick

At Lurot Brand we’re always on the lookout for interior design tips that work really well in mews properties and this article, about using mirrors to visually expand your living space, offers some really practical advice.Ideas such as grouping small mirrors together, turning a long, thin mirror on its side to make a wall seem longer or using a tall, skinny upright to make a room seem higher all work really well as ways of opening up a space. In the dining area you can borrow a trick from restaurants by placing a mirror close to the table: that way you can make the most of soft light – particularly candlelight. This not only lets you set the mood, it also helps you see what you are eating!These days it’s easy to get hold of mirrors that are made up in small panes, like a traditional period window. Hang one of these in a dark spot in the room and it deceives the eye into thinking that you are looking outside, rather than simply seeing an interior reflection.The backsplash in the kitchen is another perfect place to create a reflection. It will amplify under-counter lighting and make the most of the natural light that is already in the room.Mirrors are a clever way to enhance the light in a room and create more visual interest. If you’re looking for the perfect mews property where you can put your interior design plans into action, call us at Lurot Brand today.

Although most of us have a pretty good idea on where to hang a mirror in our home, they’re often times far more versatile than we initially think. They can be one the best tools in the small space owner’s back pocket and our personal opinion is that you can never have too many!

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