How to sentimentally streamline when moving home

Moving home presents the perfect opportunity to declutter – recycling or re-gifting things you no longer need

While there are 100s of guides on how to attack attics, tackle toy boxes and whittle down wardrobes, there’s not much in the public domain that addresses the sentimental items that we collect over the years.The problem is at its most acute among older generations, especially for those who may be about to downsize. Many of our purchasers here at Lurot Brand are empty nesters who move to a more compact London mews to be in the heart of the capital, or those who buy a second property so they can split their time between the city and the countryside.When packing up their current home, they come across decades worth of sentimental items and personal effects from past times – many of which have been inherited from loved ones who have passed away. In this article clutter buster Marie Kondo suggests that it is possible let go of Mother’s Day cards that were sent 20 years ago or the vase gifted to you by a now deceased relative. She even tackles the notoriously difficult area of photographs, giving us permission to actually throw some away or delete others from our hard drives.If you’re a hard-core hoarder, this feature may be too pithy to digest but for anyone looking to streamline as they downsize – or just have a meaningful declutter upon moving home – there are some great pieces of advice.

Here she reveals the secrets to dealing effectively with the heartstring-tugging detritus of family life: the stuff we can’t bear to part with, but which we know we can’t keep stashing away.

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