Has the internet really changed the way we buy and sell property?

Ten or fifteen years ago – prior to the online property search boom – most people relied upon an estate agent’s window listings or the local press to search for their dream home

However, research company Hardman claims that 90% of property is now sold following an online search. In spite of the ease with which buyers and sellers can now communicate online only 9% of sellers choose to sell without the help of an estate agent. As Which? Mortgage Advisers have revealed that buying and selling property is more stressful than having a child and second only to going through a divorce, it’s hardly surprising that people prefer to put their property sale into the hands of an estate agent they can trust.This is particularly true if your interests lie in a niche area, such as London mews property. ;If you are buying or selling a mews house you’ll need to call on experts with a deep knowledge of their chosen field; able to appreciate the small shifts and changes in the market that can make a big difference to price when you are buying or selling a property. If you are thinking of buying a London mews property, call us at Lurot Brand today for expert advice and guidance. We can’t remove all the stress associated with buying and selling, but we can promise that viewing our gorgeous mews properties for sale will make your online search even more enjoyable.

Despite the rise in online property listings and searches, the vast majority of people still choose to buy and sell through a physical agency, rather than an online alternative.

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