Disillusioned US voters may seek London property

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections, property experts have predicted that disillusioned American voters may find life in London a more attractive option

The fall in the pound has already made London residential property more accessible to American buyers (currently our third most prolific mews buyers; after the British and Europeans). Americans love the ‘quaintness’ of the cobbled streets and prefer buying freehold mews houses over similarly priced leasehold flats. The fact that British property prices are now 10% cheaper than they were last year is an added incentive.It has also been suggested that wealthy buyers from across the world who had been considering a move to New York City may now prefer to switch to London in the wake of the USA election result.As a London estate agent specialising in mews properties in areas that have proved extremely popular with buyers from America and Europe, we are perfectly placed to market your property, so call Lurot Brand today for an expert valuation.

Nine Elms property developers could see increased demand for flats, as “disillusioned” Americans seek a relocation to London in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, according to Jefferies analyst Anthony Codling.

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