Sell Your Home This Spring

We’ve just come out of a long wet and dreary winter, but we’re having a nice spring so far despite the rain and the surprise smog. With all that pollution and British rain lashing your windows your property might not be looking at its best which could potentially be turning people out of the door.

1. Do You Have A Garden?


Clarendon Close a well maintained garden

London is in bloom. The capitals newly planted meadows grow taller park lawns will have blossoms hanging above, as our London tree’s are pricked with pink and white blossoms.  Our nations capital is getting less grey and more green as drooping branches batter the tops of double decker’s… but how is your garden looking? Do you have creeping vines and hanging baskets hanging precariously? If the answer is yes you should have a word with the gardener, unless of course its you!

Lawn Care Tip 101

Slugs and snail trails will be winding there way across the lawn, and whilst it all looks very shiny and romantic on a spring day, slugs are acidic which can encourage moss. If you lawn is more spongy of late from all that accumulated moss over winter consider sprinkling with moss killer. This will leave unsightly patches however, so don’t forget to sow grass seed with good compost on the patches.  If you’re more of a patio person and don’t have a lot of grass there is some very realistic bespoke astro-turf on the market requiring very little maintenance.

Spot The Problem In The Garden

Write yourself a checklist of issues, be methodical- selling your home is after all business. Check your shrubs are trimmed in shape and if your pots are not looking too good you might want to consider recycling your plants in a community compost or allotment. Water features will be turning green due to rapid algae and blanket weed growth. Your feature Koi may be suffocating under all that green our tip is to drop a string bag of barley in the pond- a nice natural way of keeping your fish happy.

2. Inside The Property


A book shelf can make us feel nostalgic

I’m sure that if you have a cleaner they do a fantastic job keeping things looking nice, but throughout the year its inevitable that little things get missed. Time to bring out your business checklist again, and this time you might want to consider whats hidden in your book shelf.  A full and well organised bookshelf does wonders, giving your property and air of opulence. Treat your feature shelf like a sculpture.Putting your books together in size order with your largest books on the bottom shelf. Its not about finding the books but creating a sense of nostalgia, so that your buyers can see themselves living there for years to come. Our tip is to keep a couple of favorites in the bedside cabinet to avoid you messing up your art.

Fill your house with fresh breezy smells. Psychological scientists know that scent has strong connections with memory, which can help a buyer remember your property.  Fresh lawn or peppermint room spray and essential oils in the kitchen, give a memorable impressions of cleanliness. Whilst fresh cotton in the bedroom gives a sense of homeliness. Nostalgia smells like baked bread are excellent but to avoid donning the apron try a scented candle.

We shouldn’t need to point out the obvious that the house should be clean and tidy from top to bottom, but in an open plan living even a wonky chair is a noticeable distraction. Lay the table with your finest dinner wear, and position chairs worthy of the Queen’s banquet. Remember your house is a window to your lifestyle, so sell it!

3. Front Of House

lrg LBS0533

Norland Place

Perhaps you are having an open house this spring? No seriously the stateside phenomenon is excellent sales practice and is not used often enough in the UK, so bring out your best Canape’s and be prepared to meet and greet potential clients with your agent. Whilst we are on the subject, how is the front of the house looking.?Your house should stand out from the rest of the street. What makes your house unique? check for obvious signs of damage or perhaps schedule the front of the building for a wash one or two days before. What color is your front door? Black and white doors are typical in the English city landscape so perhaps consider a tasteful green or other memorable color, your buyers will be seeing a few houses so being “the one with the yellow door” might help jog your buyers memory.


Selling your house is a business activity, it requires some planning and strategy. Consider the competition, your neighbors may also be selling. Once your property is in ship shape inside and out, use scents and colors to create incognito impressions…but don’t forget, you are selling a way of life to your buyers, so leave an impression that will last for years to come.