Our Top Home Energy Saving Tips

3/09/2013 by Lurot Brand

Everywhere you go you are reminded to save energy and the environment. What people seem to sometimes forget is the fact that some of the biggest changes you can make to your energy efficiency levels can be found at home. Without banging on too much about the impending winter (although it is coming, despite this deceptively warm week we’re having) it is the season when your homes energy efficiency and budget will be tested. Below we have put together a, by no means exhaustive, list of home energy saving tips. If you have any inspired ideas of your own don’t forget to add them in the comment box below. ..

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Autumn Property Checklist

24/08/2013 by Lurot Brand

As depressing as it is to even consider, we think it’s time we all accepted the fact that summer is on its last legs. The mornings are getting decidedly dimmer and nippier and we even saw a leaf fall from a tree in Hyde Park the other day. With September almost upon us the onset of a good old English winter won’t be far behind it, and neither will all the associated problems. ..

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And We Have Lift Off!

10/03/2013 by Lurot Brand

After a protracted period of what can only be described as a stagnant central London Lettings market, activity has increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks and, moving towards Spring, we fully expect it to continue. Whilst much of our existing stock was let in February, many more new properties are coming to the market to replace them. ..

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Right Place, Right Time!

23/03/2012 by Lurot Brand

2012 has started off in a buoyant mood for central London lettings. If you are looking to rent immediately you will find that there is an excellent selection of properties available especially if you have a good budget. Spring is traditionally a time of great activity in Lettings and now is no exception but a word of caution is necessary if you are looking for a one or two bedroom property at the £400-£800 per week level – you will find this is the most competitive sector right now. ..

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