Sunny Outlook For Central London Lettings

19/07/2013 by Lurot Brand

The weather in the UK, as we enter high summer, has been less than seasonal so far. The same cannot be said of Central London lettings. After a slow start to 2013, the Lettings market has taken off with a newly found vigour. Both private and corporate Tenants are registering in large numbers driving new tenancies agreed up which means that more than satisfactory rents are being achieved for our Landlords. ..

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Working Hard To Find Your Ideal Property

12/03/2013 by Lurot Brand

As reported in the February Mews Sales List there was a shortage of available properties with the likelihood of more coming to the market. That likelihood has become a reality, including a lovely house in Albion Mews which is the first house in the street to be openly marketed for sale since 2002, but there are still too few properties to quench the current demand. We are being kept busy valuing houses for clients where they are weighing up their tax position and personal lives and this ensures that we have in some cases “a foot in the door” and in other cases much more beyond to match a keen purchaser to their ideal house even when it’s not on the market. ..

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Wise Move

25/10/2012 by Lurot Brand

This year as opposed to others we find ourselves with a late rush of activity. The summer is not one that we can compare to recent years, although of course the Olympics and Jubilee are stand out events, as a whole the summer has been busy. ..

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As Temperatures Drop, The Property Market Is Hotting Up!

19/10/2012 by Lurot Brand

Wow what a difference a few weeks make! Last month’s sales list was possibly one of the thinnest on record – thankfully this month’s is much more robust. As we moved into September the drought was broken and the phones didn’t stop ringing. We have more than doubled the number of available instructions which should give buyers renewed optimism that they will be able to find the right house sooner rather than later. It’s certainly possible to move in before Christmas with the majority of these listings. ..

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Lettings Market Is Raring To Go…

26/08/2012 by Lurot Brand

Whilst London played the delighted host of the summer Olympics, the Lettings market awakened from its summer slumber. After an expectedly quiet July, we found August brought Tenants for properties up to £900 per week in their droves – especially for 2 and 3 bedroom flats and houses ideal for sharers. ..

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