28/02/2019 by Lurot Brand

At the end of each year we publish articles in Mews News reviewing the last twelve months and predictions for what to expect over the coming year. To do this we scrutinise information gleaned from dozens of sources including the Land Registry, Rightmove, Lonres, Dataloft, www.gov.co.uk, the press, and of course our own results. The aim being to help our customers make the right decisions in the following year. ..

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London property market forecast 2018? Our experts advise

13/02/2018 by Lurot Brand

As the go-to experts for London’s exclusive mews marketplace, Lurot Brand’s General Manager James Robinson and Head of Lettings Lyndsey Schiffer are uniquely qualified to reflect on last year’s property highs and lows and let us know what to expect in 2018. Read on for their perception of the London property market. ..

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Will We Be A Nation Of Tenants?

24/04/2014 by Lurot Brand

“The largest mortgage regulation change in history” That quote summarizes recent attention grabbing headlines across the property news spectrum. This is of course the now not news that both lenders and their customers are facing much tighter restrictions when applying for a mortgage. This is in a bid to curb the pre-recession extravagances in the mortgage lending market. ..

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London Property Investment: Why A Mews Is A Good Investment

12/04/2014 by Lurot Brand

The Savils 5 year forecast for the UK residential market would indicate that prime real estate in London is a good future investment as far as property price increases are concerned. Whilst the London property bubble has created a significant gap in house prices growth in the capital is set to increase exponentially. ..

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