Different Chancellor Same Anchor

19/06/2017 by Lurot Brand

There was a time when owning a prime Central London property was the best tax free investment you could make. Not only could you live in it, it was an overdraft facility, a school/university fee vehicle for your children and it still took care of you into your retirement. ..

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Pros and cons of London mews property

15/05/2017 by Lurot Brand

Located in quiet, cobbled streets, painted in soft pastel colours and adorned with colourful hanging baskets … It’s no wonder that we love London mews properties, but is that love simply skin deep? ..

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London mews property prices to rise 10% over five years

11/05/2017 by Lurot Brand

It may not be time for champagne corks to pop just yet, but at Lurot Brand we are feeling cautiously optimistic. This renewed optimism follows a report which revealed that from next year, prime London property prices are projected to grow by more than 10% over five years. ..

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